Hardword Publishing is a small but dedicated publishing company co-located in Twin Falls, ID and Salt Lake City, UT. Currently we serve the needs of two authors: Matthew Allred, who writes supernatural horror fiction, including the acclaimed TOMORROW I WILL KILL AGAIN, and D. M. Nash, author of the spellbinding new paranormal romance series BRIAR’S DAUGHTER. In the future we hope to add new authors to this list.


MATTHEW ALLRED is the author of four novels. TOMORROW I WILL KILL AGAIN, BLOCKS OF COLOR, and EYES OF THE ASPENS constitute the current body of his horror fiction. Readers of Stephen King, Ramsey Campbell, Bentley Little, and John Farris will find his work relatable but also fresh, with a voice and mind of its own. He also wrote the experimental (and quite strange) science fiction novel CAELEN AMERICA, which is currently only available in paperback form.

Actual Amazon reader reviews for Allred’s first horror novel,

“If you like Stephen King and James Herbert this book is for you.”

“OMG on the edge of my seat. Hard to put down but got to go to work, sleep, etc!!! Well-written and horrifying.”

“A wonderful suspense-filled, page turner. If you love to be dragged along and be unable to put down a book..... read this book!”

“This book ponders some big questions, such as where our darker desires come from. The setting and characters are wonderfully imagined and feel very real. In particular, I enjoyed the relationship between Paul and his wife. While their actual problems are not of this world, the way they tend to handle them feels very real, grounded, and emotional.”

“This is one of those books that draws you in and makes you complete your day’s necessities with urgency, anxiously looking forward to the next time you can delve into the intense narrative. It’s very different from any book I’ve ever read, in an odd and delightful sort of way.”


D. M. NASH is the author of the thrilling new BRIAR’S DAUGHTER books. It has been said of the series: “If Supernatural, Twilight, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer were mashed into one super-series, this would be it!” Nash is also a fan of the Sookie Stackhouse series. Despite drawing on many sources for inspiration, BRIAR’S DAUGHTER has its own voice, life, and lore. Join Catherine Briar on her journey out from under the shadow of her father, Ray Briar, arguably the most successful and respected vampire hunter in modern history. Layers of secrets, mysteries, danger, and love interests await.

Actual Amazon reader reviews for the first BRIAR’S DAUGHTER book,

“I recommend this book to those looking for an engaging paranormal/supernatural series. The new take on the standard vampire story is a great story and a great start for a novel series.

“Its an easy read and the characters are great. The scary guys are completely different from what I’ve read before.”

“Very much a Supernatural/Twilight crossover but without the boring soppy Edward description and teenage angst, and less black-and-white.”

“I was really impressed with this book!”

View Nash’s books on Amazon by clicking here. BLOOD AND BLACK SUITS is currently free of charge; get it today!



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D. M. Nash – Author
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Send query letters, questions regarding Hardword Publishing, or questions regarding Matthew Allred’s body of work to: hwpub@mapentertainments.com

To contact D. M. Nash regarding the BRIAR’S DAUGHTER series, email: dmnashbooks@mapentertainments.com

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A note from Matt regarding queries:

I accept queries for genre fiction, but please keep in mind we are a small publisher. If we work together, this will be as a partnership where we work with you to spread the word about your books, offer guidance for self-publishing, and hopefully have something of a symbiotic relationship. Don’t expect large grants of money or miracles. Above all, don’t get your hopes up; I will probably not choose to option your book. I do not accept erotica or non-fiction of any kind. Any genre of fiction aside from erotica is on the table.

Query guidelines: Send a one-page query describing yourself and your proposed work. Include the first ten pages of your story in the body of the email, not attached as a separate document. Be sure to tell me the genre, word count, and any other salient points about the book. Thanks for your interest!

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