About MAP Entertainments

MAP Entertainments started as a group of friends who wanted to band together their creative talents to create awesome content. Right now we are focused on webcomics like Car & Friends, Scuzzy, and Orange Grove. Also being developed now is a new role-playing experience called KINGDOM. We hope to release other content as well such as blogs, music, games, books, and apps. Really the sky, and our motivation, is the limit. We hope you like our stuff. Please like us on Facebook so we can feel good about ourselves (oh yeah, and so you can see when our comics update, we guess).


Matthew Allred

In addition to writing and drawing the Scuzzy, Orange Grove, and Car & Friends comics hosted here on MAP, Matt writes horror novels, including TOMORROW I WILL KILL AGAIN and EYES OF THE ASPENS. He also wrote the experimental sci-fi novel CAELEN AMERICA. View his work on Amazon
here. Other pursuits of his include developing the new role-playing experience KINGDOM, creating visual art, and writing songs only his wife hears. Good places to check out his various extras are his Tumblr and Twitter. And, if you’ve been a good boy/girl this year, he *isn’t* planning to sneak into—and vandalize—your bedroom the next time you go out of town.

Ben Miller

Ben Miller (Jamin Doodle) is a freelance illustrator hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah. Ben has done (and would like to do more) caricatures, book covers, military patches, comic books, and concept art for independent film.

Check out his DeviantArt page.
Check out his art site.

Greg Probst

Greg is MAP Entertainments' webmaster. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science (not web design, please forgive him.) from Neumont University. He is a Data Engineer for Think Big, A Teradata Company. He built this site using the Play Framework.